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“I would like to share with you my admiration and respect that I have for my friend, Brad Clayton.
I met Brad via the SMGA, a program that he created to help introduce golf to wounded Veterans. A program that he lives for and defines him as a person. He continually amazes me with his “love Life” spirit and his ability to connect with rough, battle-hardened grown men that have suffered in service to our Nation. Most people do not realize that for type “A” personality men, it is not the injury that is so difficult to deal with, it’s the feeling of failure, the loss of being a part of the team. I continue to try to connect and remain an integral part of my unit, but in reality, through no fault of anyone else, I’m an outsider looking in. A bitter pill to swallow for me.
The countless hours Brad has shared with me for his love of the game of Golf, sharing his traumatic experience, and always just being a phone call away to listen, speaks volumes for his passion in helping others get through very difficult times. In the aftermath of a trauma, you become very isolated from others due to the healing process and the denial that you were even hurt. I do not have the words to express the absolute black hole that I experienced after. Brad has taken the most individual sport and turned it into a healing team event. I look forward to our brotherhood events (SMGA) and Brad. His enthusiasm for teaching is contagious, he teaches in the simplest terms, but teaches in a way that I can correct my own mistakes and continue to improve.
Brad is a great golf instructor, but his greatest strength to me is his ability to make you feel passion again, not just for the game of golf but for life. I feel that he does not realize the healing he is creating thru the SMGA, which is incredible, but more importantly, the relationships that he creates with each one of us and in turn the friendships that have grown out of the SMGA. Brad makes a difference to all of his students and he has been a great friend and mentor to me since the day I met him.
I hope you can appreciate what Brad has done for me, as a Soldier and as a friend.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what a positive impact Brad has been in my life. I have been diagnosed with several different issue due to combat related injuries. Brad has encouraged and guided me back into sports and has never once let any of my problems get the best of me. The understanding, patience, dedication, and commitment he has shown not only to me but to my fellow Wounded Warriors is exemplary. His commitment to us extends outside of the golf course. Brad has opened up his home for weekend retreats where we play golf and can be ourselves. He provides a non judgmental, comfortable and safe environment where we are at ease and have the ability to talk with one another. These are some of the best therapy sessions you could ever ask for.

Not only has Brad helped us with the physical aspects of golf he has also helped us to realize with help and modification we can still do the things we use to do. Brad has this great saying; every day all day and twice on Sundays. He uses it to explain how you can always practice your game of golf no matter where you are with simple techniques. But to us it also means that any time we have issues we can reach out to Brad and he will always be there for us. Whether it be about our golf swing or problems we are having with issues from our past. If we could all take a page from Brad’s book we would all be better off.

Brad I salute you, your friendship has meant the world to me, thanks for everything you do for us.”

“In some ways, Brad Clayton reminds me of Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy from the movie Tin Cup. There is a scene where the main female character is getting a lesson from Tin Cup and she has on all these golf contraptions that other instructors had given her: she has the ropes with balls from the bill of her hat, funny looking glasses, and even braces on her elbows to help keep her arms in sequence. Tin Cup laughs at her, quickly tells her to take all that junk off because it looked ridiculous, and then goes into a story about how a golf swing is more like a poem. That’s kind of like Brad Clayton, except no one could capture him or his character in some movie. Brad simplifies the golf swing so it is easy to understand; in the Marines we call this GRUNT-proofing.

With little debate, Brad Clayton is a great golf instructor, but that is the least of his skills – he is an even better man. Brad is kind and compassionate, and devotes much of his time to help wounded veterans like myself. Brad truly makes a difference in the lives that he comes in contact with; many times while getting a golf lesson from Brad, I’ll look up and realize that he has really given me a life lesson that I needed to hear. He truly is an inspiration, and I’m humbled and honored to call this man my teacher, mentor, and most importantly, my friend.

Semper Fidelis.”