Mission Statement and Goals


The basic mission of The Brotherhood of Warriors is to provide:

  • Fellowship/Brotherhood….to build relationships in an informal environment outside of the military and/or “professional” environment with fellow warriors….Open communication with other warriors that have experienced or are experiencing similar stresses with family, pain, financial, PTS, lack of purpose, survivors guilt, or anything they feel the need to talk about or express.
  • Activities….Activities that encourage fellowship,  bonding, and Brotherhood….Such as, but not limited to….golf, horseback trail riding, hunting, fishing, shooting (guns/bows), boating, and/or just sitting by a fire….The list can go on to include gardening, cooking, woodwork, crafts, pallet creations, landscaping, writing, etc., etc.
  • Location and resources to provide said activities.
  • Help combat wounded veterans in any way we can.


To continue offering our wounded Vets motivation, direction, peace, serenity, and brotherhood through the avenues/activities mentioned above with the possibility of adding an actual farm in the future for said activities. Momentarily PuzzleDuck Golf Range in Oxford, North Carolina is the home base of The Brotherhood.